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Ellis loves being outside. It's a big world for him in our front yard. He loves vocalising his babbles to the cats' faces and learns a hard lesson when he grabs their tails. He has tried to escape numerous times through the white metal gate but so far, has not been successful. He won't leave my damn garden alone and when he gets quiet, I know he's chewing on dirty wood chips...I've considered tasting a wood chip. Maybe I'm missing out on something!

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SOPHIE'S STORY http://meghanheller.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/11/sophies-story  

Sophie I remember not long ago saying, "Photographing kids is the worst. They are constantly moving and you never know what mood they'll be in." Lately, I have been photographing lots of them - and in all honesty - I've changed my mind. I find so much enjoyment and satisfaction capturing the personalities of these little souls. Yes, they constantly move but every once in a while, I'll get a shot like this one. I still moment. A little glimpse of a wise old soul telling a story about her life. Her hidden eyes leave me wondering what Sophie has planned for her life and what memories she'll create along the way. 


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