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small moments | BIG MEMORIES



My family watches and frequently references old family videos

that we call 'The Heller House Videos'. They were recorded on VHS tapes

with my Dad's enormous video camera from the early1980s. He recorded

everything - my sister's bald, newborn head bobbing around,

my brother contemplating the life of spiders and me chasing a frog around the

yard in my diaper. These everyday occurrences are memories that I most likely

wouldn't remember with out the videos.


I'd love to create a unique and timeless video for your family. The small moments

fade, the kids grow up too quickly - this family video will be around to remind 

you of how life looked and sounded then. 



Feature Family Video | The Ross Family Secret 




 Nana + Ellis @ Christmas in Perth, 2016




Nana + Ellis @ Point Walter Reserve, Perth WA